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6th Element of the Realm of Kashmir

Element Type: Object

Element Name: Ferran

Pheran is a traditional Kashmiri dress that is mostly worn during winter months in Kashmir. It’s very warm and covers the entire body from the neck to the knees. It’s worn by both men and women. Tilla embroidered pheran, mostly worn by women, is the most well known, uses golden or silver threads to create mesmerising patterns.

Pheran is an inseperable part of the Kashmiri culture. People of all ages and genders wear it. Pherans for men are made of tweed wool and generally have a simple design. Women wear more vibrant pherans consisting of intricate embroidery work like tilla, aari and sozni. 

People in the valley to celebrate their culture have started observing December 21st as Pheran Day, which also marks the start of the coldest phase of winter in Kashmir, known as Chillai Kalan.


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