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Kashmiri Kahwa Tea | Kehwa | Instant Mix | 250gm

Kashmiri Kahwa Tea | Kehwa | Instant Mix | 250gm

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Kehwa from the Realm of Kashmir.

Kehwa is a popular tea in the Kashmir region. Created with Saffron, Cardamom and various other spices, this unique tea relaxes the mind. We have created this tea in powdered form so that anyone can enjoy the exquisite taste of Kashmiri Kehwa by simply boiling a cup of water. That’s it!

  • Preserved in the Kashmir valley
  • Instant Kehwa Tea powder
  • Contains various spices like Saffron and Cardamom
  • Packed in resealable kraft pouches inside


Directions for use:

Add one teaspoon of the instant mix Kehwa powder to a cup of hot water and stir till it is dissolved. Sit back and relish the exquisite taste and aroma of this relaxing beverage. Needs no Sugar. Store in a cool and dry place.

Serves around: 50 cups

Shelf life: 1 year

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